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South Northamptonshire Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs), other guides and Village Design Statements

Supplementary Planning Documents

This notice details the Supplementary Planning Guidance and Supplementary Planning Documents that was were revoked in the South Northamptonshire area on 2 December 2020.

This SPD seeks to maximise potential benefits to health and the environment, minimise road transport emissions wherever practicable to sustainable levels, and to counter the cumulative impacts arising from the emissions arising from new development schemes over time.

This SPD is used to determine the developer contributions required from development in the South Northamptonshire area.

This SPD provides guidance on ways in which development can be more energy efficient and maximise the use of renewable energy.

This SPD is in 2 parts. It aims to guide development in contributing towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

This SPD sets the standards for parking and design of parking spaces for the South Northamptonshire area.

This SPD has been prepared to add further detail to the policies contained within the South Northamptonshire Local Plan Part 2.

This SPD has been produced to guide development associated with employment allocations in the South Northamptonshire Local Plan Part 2.

This SPD considers the observations of the Towcester masterplan and the policies contained within the West Northamptonshire Joint Core Strategy, providing planning guidance on the development of Land west of Watling Street.

Other guidance

The following guidance on a variety of planning issues is relevant in the South Northamptonshire area. These consist of Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPGs), masterplans, planning briefs and The South Northamptonshire Design Guide.

Supplementary planning guidance is no longer produced. Since 2004 these have been replaced by Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs), however they remain material considerations in planning decisions.

This notice details Supplementary Planning Guidance that was revoked in the South Northamptonshire area on 20 December 2020.

The following masterplans were adopted by the former South Northamptonshire Council.

This Design Guide supplements and updates our existing guidance on issues regarding design, heritage, landscape and the built environment in order to make sure that all new development in the district is designed and built to a high standard and both protects and reinforces the distinctive character of the local area.

The Design Guide was adopted by South Northamptonshire Council on 26 July 2017 as planning guidance. It is therefore a material planning consideration for all development throughout the South Northamptonshire area.

Village Design Statements

Village Design Statements are prepared by Parish Councils, and following consultation they are adopted by the Council as Supplementary Planning Documents.

The following Village Design Guides and Design Guidance Notes are also used in the South Northamptonshire area. They are used to help influence decisions on development design in those settlements and should be read in conjunction with the relevant Conservation Area Appraisals.


Last updated 15 September 2023