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Active Travel Fund

The Department for Transport allocated funding to local authorities to encourage more walking and cycling following the COVID-19 pandemic. We used it for the following schemes.

Cycle racks

We installed cycle racks at the following locations; except where marked as temporary they were intended to be permanent:

  • Brackley, High Street, near to Town Hall (temporary)
  • Brixworth Library
  • Brixworth, Northampton Road near Kennel Terrace
  • Harlestone Firs, adjacent to Harlestone Firs car park
  • Moulton, Stocks Hill outside Co-op
  • Northampton, Abington Park
  • Northampton, Abington Street additional stands near Wellington Street
  • Northampton, Abington Street near St Giles Terrace
  • Northampton, Fish Street
  • Northampton, Guildhall Road
  • Northampton, Horsemarket, Sol Central Entrance Plaza
  • Northampton, St Giles Street between Castillian Street and Hazelwood Road
  • Northampton, St Giles Street near post office
  • Roade, High Street, outside newsagent
  • Towcester Brackley Road near A5 junction (temporary)
  • Towcester, Brackley Road/Pomfret Road
  • Woodford Halse, Station Road, outside pharmacy


Mercers row - temporary bus stop

The bus stop providing services from bay 18 towards Grange Park and Milton Keynes from the The Drapery has been temporarily relocated to Mercers Row. There two bus stopping points where created.

To accommodate this the taxi rank area on Mercers Row has been temporarily reconfigured to reduce the number of taxi parking bays. Additional taxi parking bays have been created on George Row with wheelchair access still available.

Rushmere Road - segregated cycle way

We installed wands to segregate the southbound cycle lane on a section of Rushmere Road. 

Works to remove the wands and make repairs to the road surface were completed in February 2021.

St Giles Street - footway widening

We temporarily widened the footways on the north side of St Giles Street to enable social distancing.

Weedon Road and St James Road - bus lanes operating 24 hours a day

Bus lanes along Weedon Road and St James Road were extended to operate 24 hours per day from Monday 3 August 2020. This change benefited cyclists and taxis who are permitted to use the bus lane and was subsequently made permanent.

Billing Road Corridor

In tranche 2 of funding we were invited to bid for further funds for permanent measures which promote active travel.

£1.332m was awarded to fund:

Improved cycling facilities along Billing Road between York Road and Rushmere Road. 

Light segregation provided on west/southbound cycle lane on:

  • Wellingborough Road (west of Church Way)
  • Abington Park Crescent
  • Park Avenue South

Following the strong opposition from local residents and businesses to the original proposal to convert Billing Road into a one-way road, we have contacted the Department for Transport to remove the proposal for a one-way system from our bid and we are working with them to submit an alternative proposal that encourages cycling along Billing Road, Wellingborough Road, Abington Park Crescent and Park Avenue South.

We are now reviewing the scheme to work up the proposals in more detail. We have prepared a consultation plan setting out how we plan to engage with the local community on the schemes.

Northamptonshire County Council was awarded £1.332m of funding by the Department for Transport to improve walking and cycling along the Billing Road Corridor in Northampton. This includes sections of adjoining roads (Wellingborough Road, Abington Park Crescent, Park Avenue South) to create an attractive corridor for walking and cycling which will attract users from a large segment of eastern Northampton and connect with key destinations such as the town centre, Northampton General Hospital, Northampton School for Boys and Brackmills industrial estate.

Ahead of construction we will be consulting with a range of local stakeholders.

The consultation will be undertaken in two parts:

A public opinion survey seeking views on active travel and the principles that should underpin walking and cycling improvements.

A scheme consultation on the specific improvements, and options, proposed in the Billing Road Corridor taking account of the latest Government Gear Change strategy and guidance, including LTN 1/20

The purpose of this survey was to gain the views of the population as a whole on the need for improvements to walking and cycling facilities, the types of improvements that are needed and some of the challenges faced in implementation.

To ensure that this survey was representative, it was undertaken using sampling from household/census data. 

The survey was undertaken during January and February 2021.

In addition, it is planned to pose the same or similar questions via specific groups such as disabled and older person's forums, the Local Access Forum, business groups and cycling groups. While some of the same questions will be asked, this will provide an opportunity to explore topics of particular relevance to each group in greater detail. Analysis of these responses will be undertaken separately from the main sample, so as not to compromise its representative nature.

The purpose of the scheme consultation will be to seek views on a number of options for how improvements can be undertaken on the Billing Road Corridor. This will enable issues which have not already been identified to be ascertained and improvements made to the final design. 

This consultation will include those who live, work or travel along the Billing Road Corridor. Subject to COVID restrictions in force at the time, it is expected that a letter drop will be undertaken for some properties, but the consultation will also be publicised via the local media and social media to raise awareness and encourage participation. Specific organisations such as the emergency services, local bus operators, Royal Mail, Northampton General Hospital and Northampton School will be contacted directly, as will councillors and local MPs.

Information on the options which are being considered will be published on the Council website, and while responses will be encouraged via an on-line survey, it will be possible for those who wish to make more detailed representations to do so via e-mail or letter.

As a follow on to their involvement in the public opinion survey, it is intended that disabled and older person's forums, the Local Access Forum, business groups and cycling groups will be approached for their detailed comments on the options. Again, it is expected that this will allow a more detailed focus on particular elements of scheme design relevant to each group.

Further details will appear here once available.

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Last updated 19 April 2022