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Register a birth

Civil registration fees

From Tuesday 28 May 2024, our civil registration fees will be increasing. Any appointments you make starting from this date will be subject to the new increased fees.

You must register a baby's birth within 42 calendar days of the date of birth.

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Request a birth registration appointment

Our Registration Offices undertake pre-booked birth registrations only. Please make your appointment below.

You should arrive 10 minutes before your appointment. ​The appointment will last about 30 minutes.

If you are married to the child’s mother or father, only one person needs to be present to complete the registration. If you are not married, and wish for the father's details to be included on the birth certificate, you must attend the appointment together.

If you have any enquiries, please contact the Registration Service.

When registering the birth, you will need to tell the registrar:

  • the date and place of birth of the baby
  • the sex of the baby
  • the baby's full names and surname
  • the dates and places of birth of the parents
  • the parents' occupations
  • the mother’s maiden name
  • the date of the parents' marriage (if applicable)
  • where the parents are living

You will need to sign the completed register entry to confirm that all the information is correct.

Please bring the baby's red record book, if available, when you attend your appointment.

You do not need to bring the baby to the appointment with you.

Your appointment to register a birth can take place at any of our Registration Offices in:

You will need to re-register your child's birth if you want to make any of the following changes to their birth certificate:

  • add the father's name to the birth certificate
  • you have been married

Please complete the following steps:

  1. Download the appropriate application form from the GOV.UK website
  2. Complete the form including which office you would like to attend to complete the re–registration
  3. Please post the forms and any appropriate original documents to:
    West Northamptonshire Council
    Registration Service Ground Floor/E3/006
    One Angel Square
    NN1 1ED
  4. We will then copy the documents and return to you by post

We cannot accept photocopies but you will get all relevant documents back after the re-registration is complete.

You do not need to visit our office in person at this stage because you will not be able to complete the re-registration straight away.

We will check your paperwork and then contact you within two weeks to make an appointment for you to visit the office at a later date to complete the re-registration.

Who needs to attend the appointment

If you are now married, only one parent will need to attend the appointment.

If you are adding the natural father to a birth certificate and you are not married, both parents will need to attend the appointment.

I want to add another forename to my child's birth certificate

You can add another forename given to the child within its first year, at any time. This costs £44 plus £12.50 per copy of the new birth certificate. Please contact the Registration Service for more information.

During your appointment the registrar will ask you to check the register entry carefully before signing.

Please check all the information you have provided is correct, paying close attention to:

  • names
  • ages
  • dates
  • addresses

It is your responsibility to ensure all information you have provided is correct before signing.

Once you have signed the register it becomes a legal document. Any corrections identified at a later date must be authorised, and this will incur a statutory fee of £83 to £99 plus the cost of any corrected certificates you require.

Changing the information

If you think information on a birth, death, marriage or civil partnership certificate is wrong, you will need to provide evidence from the time of the registration showing the correct information.

When you have collected the evidence you need to support your request for a correction, please email [email protected] and include the following information:

  • your name, address, telephone number and email address
  • the name(s), date and type of certificate you would like correcting
  • details of the correction to be made
  • details of the evidence you will be submitting to support your request

Depending on the circumstances, the correction may or may not be simple to make so we will contact you to discuss your case in more detail and explain what happens next.

If you have already registered the birth, you can order copy certificates.

If you need support after a birth, you can find services and mental health professionals that can help you.  

Places where you can find support include:  

  • NHS Northamptonshire Maternity Services  
  • NHFT Specialist Perinatal Mental Health Service

Northampton General Hospital have a range of useful information to support you and your baby.  

If you have experienced a pregnancy loss before 24 weeks, you can apply for a Baby Loss Certificate

Last updated 24 May 2024