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Library catalogue

Use the library catalogue to:

Register your email address with the library service to receive automatic email reminders 3 days before your books are due.

You will also receive email notifications of overdue items, which will be sent the day after an item becomes overdue.

Remember to tell us if you change email address to ensure that you continue to receive this service.

Reminder emails are a courtesy service only and should not be relied on to avoid late return charges. The non-receipt of an email reminder, for whatever reason, including any interruption to the service or conditions on the web, is not a valid reason to waive charges.

Contact your local library to register your email address.​

In order to renew or reserve online you will need to enter your 4 digit PIN number.

Please try to remember your PIN and keep it secure.

If you enter your PIN incorrectly 3 times you will automatically be blocked from accessing your account. If you experience any difficulties please email your nearest library.

Forgotten your PIN?

Request a new PIN

Last updated 05 March 2024