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Northamptonshire baby room project

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Baby room - course for parents

Key themes

This course consists of 3 sessions in 3 months.

You will learn how:

  • experiences shape infants' brains
  • experiences shape all our brains
  • what we feel affects infants' brains

Session 1: Babies' Brain Development

By being knowledgeable about early development and learning, parents can be alert to the importance of paying close attention to the potential of their babies. Learn how every experience shapes the brain and the brain adapts to the environment it finds itself in. Actively being with people is what babies want. They want you.

Session 2: Babies' Emotional Development

By being aware of emotional needs, parents can respond with sensitivity to their babies and support them with loving and meaningful interactions. Understanding how crying is a baby’s way of letting you know they are here and need you. How you feel and what you do can deeply affect your baby who can pick up on your emotional state.

Session 3: Babies' Playing and Laughing

By being in tune with individual babies, parents can recognise the huge impact early experiences have on the holistic development of their babies. Learn that playing is learning. Laughing relieves stress. Singing releases ‘feel good’ chemicals in our brains. Ok to be playful with your baby! Playing with babies builds relationships. Any time can be playtime; feeding, nappy changing; sitting together as well as playing with toys.

What parents say

  • “how do I know my baby is ready to play? I’ve never really thought about that, wow.”
  • “the idea that my being stressed can have a negative impact on my baby - I am finding new ways of de-stressing such as going outside with my baby, singing even though I can’t sing.”
  • “understanding babies brains: the crying; chemicals being released - I think I am better at understanding what her cries mean.”
​"Babies don't do anything""Just how brilliant babies really are"​
​"Babies are boring to be with"​"Wow, all those connections happening in their brains"
​"Babies just cry"​"Babies cry to let you know they are here"
​"How I feel has no effect on my baby"​"Babies pick up on the feelings that surround them - even though they don't know what they mean"

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Last updated 09 April 2024