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Guidance on extending the admission age range

The Place Planning and Admissions Team oversees the ‘Change of Age Range’ process for maintained schools as set out in the Department of Education statutory guidance ‘Making prescribed alterations to maintained schools’.

A statutory or non-statutory process may be followed depending on whether the school is a community, voluntary or foundation school, how many years the age range is being extended by and whether the extension includes provision of a sixth form (p.12-13).

If the change is expected to be in place for more than 2 years, we will determine the timeframe and provide support to schools throughout each stage of the statutory process.

Academy Trusts proposing to extend the age range of their school will need to refer to the Department of Education statutory guidance ‘Making significant changes to an open academy’ (January 2022).

Under Section 27 (Community Powers), of the Education Act 2002 the governing body of a maintained school has power to provide any facilities or services whose provision furthers any charitable purposes to pupils at their schools or their families or people who live or work in the locality in which the school is situated.

Section 28(4) of the Education Act 2002 requires, that before exercising the community facilities power, governing bodies must consult the Local Authority and have regard to the advice given to them by their Local Authority.

To find out more about how the age range of a school can be extended and the processes that must be followed, including who and how to consult, please contact Shazia Umer, Head of Place Planning and Admissions for further information [email protected].

Last updated 07 June 2024