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Community safety - Young people's animation programme

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The community safety - Young people's animation programme is a joint project between both the North and West Northamptonshire Councils in partnership with Northamptonshire Police.

Over the past few years there has been multiple community safety events in various areas across the county. These events would have key services and partnership specialists lead on talks, workshops, presentations to schools, relating to their key community safety subject. These events have been key in supporting schools and getting new safety information to the students. However, a reoccurring challenge continued to face the event and that was the number of schools that could be reached per academic year.

Due to the dynamic and every changing workload for schools, as well as the rise in demand, we found it increasingly difficult to host events. We also recognised that during Covid these events were not able to take place. Identifying the challenges both local authorities created the young people's animation programme.

The programme covers a full range of key community safety subjects and is available in a ready to deliver package for schools. The subjects include:

  • Child sexual exploitation/online safety
  • Hate crime
  • Knife crime and gangs
  • Crime prevention and personal safety
  • Fire and water safety
  • Rail and road safety
  • Mental health

The programme is built around an interactive animation film, following characters related to each subject. The subjects are interlinking and include workshop info, tasks and activities that all schools will be able to deliver in-house themselves with confidence.

The workshop packages come with a fully comprehensive fact sheet and information guide to help teachers lead workshops and answer any questions confidently. During the project development, a number of schools from different backgrounds (Urban, Rural and Specialist schools such as SEND) took part in providing feedback to help ensure the programme is as diverse and open as it can be, allowing it to have a “one size fits all” delivery.

The programme is flexible to the needs of each school, allowing you to choose which subject you would like to deliver. All schools will have the option to either just teach one, a couple or all of the subjects. They can be done back to back or individually; the preference is yours! Each film last 5 minutes and include clear sections. No two sessions are the same as the pausing function allows schools to engage students in discussion and activities throughout.