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Our strategy

This Strategy sets out our collective vision for making West Northants a great place to live, work, visit and thrive.

It’s for everyone in West Northants – our residents, the voluntary sector, our communities and for social enterprise, businesses and partner organisations.

We want our new Council to reflect the times we live in. We believe our future is bright and will take this opportunity to create a fresh start for us, our area, our residents and our businesses.

As the national effort to fight Covid-19 continues, West Northamptonshire Council must focus on playing our part to create a sustainable recovery. We aim to build back better and harness the strengths of West Northants people, businesses and places, to create an inclusive and productive area where everyone and every place can thrive.

We can only achieve our vision using partnerships and collaboration within our communities and with public and private partners. Our strategy provides the blueprint for the future of our services, setting out how we will work with partners and alongside local people, to unlock our combined potential.

We aim to use all available infrastructure funding that connects people and places across our region. We will bring to life the plans we have for the regeneration of our towns and for building more affordable housing.

By thinking about our whole area and whole population we can set out the best way to bring about change, so that we make a real difference to the lives of real people. We will use this approach in our strategy as we address climate change, education, health and wellbeing, work, economic development and our rural and urban gems, simultaneously.

By doing this, everyone across West Northamptonshire can have the opportunity to reach their potential, whether they’re growing up, getting on, or growing old.

We have identified six priority areas.

Green and clean

Environment and wellbeing:

  • Net zero by 2030
  • Climate summit in first few months
  • Increased wildlife species and more trees
  • Increased electric charging and energy efficiency
  • Vibrant towns and villages
  • High quality parks
  • Accessible green space for all

Improved life chances

Health, Social Care and Families:

  • Healthy, safe and protected Children
  • Increased aspirations in young people
  • Investment in new schools and provision
  • Adults supported to live independently
  • Care provided for those that need it
  • Reduced hospital stays and delays
  • Joined up and local services with health
  • Safe and secure accommodation for all

Connected communities

Transport and connectivity:

  • Improved road, rail and bus networks
  • Completion of major roads projects
  • Improved road quality
  • Increased use of electric vehicles and charging points
  • Enhanced broadband and mobile connectivity

Thriving villages and towns

Place shaping and homes:

  • Regeneration of our core town centres
  • Safer communities with less anti social behaviour
  • Flourishing and supported small business
  • Sustainable planning for growth
  • Increased affordable housing and Council homes
  • Raised standards of privately rented homes

Economic development

Growth and prosperity

  • Published west strategic infrastructure plan
  • Framework for long term economic growth
  • Increased inward investment
  • Building on our rich heritage
  • Increased visitors to our attractions
  • Infrastructure benefits and investment through our role in regional forums and plans

Robust resource management

Transparency and financial probity

  • Council tax rises capped at £99 a year
  • Stable finances and rainy day reserves
  • Robust scrutiny of spending
  • Open and transparent decision making
  • Financial prudence underpinning long term decisions and plans
  • Optimised debt management

Last updated 27 December 2023