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West Northamptonshire in numbers

  • £917m budget in 2021-22 including schools (£326.6m Net)
  • 405,000 population
  • 73,000 over 65s (21% increase in over 65s over next decade)
  • 91,000 under 18s (2% increase in children aged 0-19 in next decade)
  • 174,260 households
  • 165 Town and Parish Councils
  • 184 schools
  • 1,707 Council buildings and assets
  • 2,454km roads and carriageways
  • £730.00 Median rent for a 2 bed
  • £566.30 average wage

Using our resources wisely

We have an annual gross budget of £917m (including our government school grant) which we use to deliver services to more than 400,000 residents and over 1 million visitors a year.

We manage 1707 buildings and assets and employ almost 3,000 people. We support many more local jobs through our contracts with local business and suppliers.

High performance is one of our core values and that means getting the basics right, using our resources wisely and being efficient.

Our resources come from:

  • 42.1% from the dedicated schools grant
  • 7.3% from business rates income
  • 22.7% from council tax income
  • 5.2% from other sources including investment income
  • 8.4% from services we charge for, like planning, licensing and parking income
  • 14.3% from government but the majority can only be used for specific services like housing benefit and public health

Last updated 28 February 2024