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Multiply funding

Multiply funding allocation: £1,901,176

The UK Government has established the Multiply Fund within the UKSPF to address the challenges of low adult numeracy rates.

About half of the working age population in England have the numeracy skills of a primary school child, this is well below the average of other developed nations.

Good numeracy skills are essential in today’s world, whether it is for household budgeting, helping children with homework, making sense of the news or to improve employment prospects.

Multiply funding will enable us to provide free adult numeracy support local people through our Multiply providers, eVolve Your Future, Diversiti UK and Learning & Skills Academy

What our providers will deliver

  1. Courses designed to increase confidence with numbers for those needing the first steps towards formal numeracy qualifications.
  2. Courses designed to help people use numeracy to manage their money.
  3. Innovative numeracy programmes delivered together with employers – including courses designed to cover specific numeracy skills required in the workplace.
  4. Courses to upskill numeracy in order to access a certain job/career.
  5. New intensive and flexible numeracy courses targeted at people without Level 2 maths, leading to a Functional Skills Qualification.
  6. Courses for parents wanting to increase their numeracy skills in order to help their children.
  7. Numeracy courses aimed at prisoners, recently released from prison or on temporary licence.
  8. Numeracy courses aimed at those aged 19 or over, leaving, or who have just left, the care system.
  9. Numeracy activities, courses or provision developed in partnership with community organisations and other partners aimed at engaging the hardest to reach learners – for example, those not in the labour market or other groups identified locally as in need.
  10. Additional relevant maths modules embedded into other vocational courses.

Find out more about Multiply and how to sign up.

Last updated 17 April 2024