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Local Area Partnerships

There are 9 Local Area Partnerships, also known as LAPs in West Northants. Each of the LAPs cover communities of between 30,000 and 50,000 people with the aim to work together to ensure health and care services are better co-ordinated and focused on the needs of each area. This new approach will help to support tailored and targeted supported to each community, to improve better health and care outcomes that will make a difference to those who live there.

Each LAP will have a range of organisations working together to help meet the community needs. These will include; the Council, health organisations, Police, Fire and Rescue, community organisations and much more. These organisations will work together to help residents ‘Live their best life’ by:

  • Engaging with local residents’ and organisations to understand health and care needs at a street and household level
  • Working with residents to develop new services and find solutions to challenges by listening to their needs
  • Working with organisations to improve aspects of a person’s life from new born to end of live, understanding key issues and challenges and looking at areas for improvement under the 10 Ambitions. 

The 9 LAPs are:

Northampton EastBilling and Rectory Farm, Riverside Park and Talavera
Northampton SouthDelapre and Rushmere, East Hunsbury, Nene Valley and Shelfleys
Northampton WestDuston East, Duston West and St Crispin and Sixfields
Northampton CentralAbington and Phippsville, Castle, Dallington Spencer and St George 
Northampton NorthBoothville and Parklands, Headlands, Kingsthorpe North and Kingsthorpe South
Rural NorthBraunston and Crick, Brixworth, Long Buckby and Moulton
Rural WestDaventry East, Daventry West and Woodford and Weedon
Rural SouthBrackley, Middleton Cheney and Silverstone
Rural EastBugbrooke, Deanshanger, Hackleton and Grange Park and Towcester and Roade

The following map shows each LAP by geographical area across West Northants:

Map of Local Area Partnerships

What this means for you

We want residents to ‘Live Your Best Life’ throughout the duration of a persons lifetime and by working together in this way, will help achieve this. We want to tackle inequalities, and look at wider factors that contribute to living a happy, healthy life such as; accessing green spaces, or good education, feeling safe where you live or accessing health and care as and when you need it.

All these factors make a difference to a persons life and our 10 ambitions look to address these, by tackling them head on with partner organisations and residents through the Local Area Partnerships.

Our 10 ambitions are:

  • to have the best start in life
  • access to the best available education and learning
  • opportunity to be fit, well and independent
  • employment that keeps them and their families out of poverty
  • good housing in places which are green and clean
  • to feel safe in their homes and when out and about
  • to be connected to their families and friends
  • the chance for a fresh start when things go wrong
  • access to health and social care when they need it
  • to be accepted and valued simply for who they are

What are the next steps?

All our LAPs are now set up and working on an action plan to determine and agree next steps.

Visit the West Northamptonshire LAPs website.

Last updated 26 April 2024