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Hunsbury Hill Park

Hunsbury Hill Park is a 38-hectare site, a few miles from the town centre. It is dominated by the crown of an Iron Age hill fort on the crest of Hunsbury Hill. The park is flanked on the west and south by an ironstone railway system.

Features include:

  • ironstone railway
  • railway museum
  • play area

Find out more about Community involvement in the park from the Ironstone Railway Trust and the Friends of Hunsbury Park.




Hunsbury Close

Historical context and Celtic origins Hill Fort

  • AD1: Roman Quintus visited the site - used for agriculture and iron smelting
  • 1631: Execution of Mrs Lucas on site - burned at the stake for poisoning her husband
  • 1880: Hunsbury Hill Iron Ore Company builds one of the earliest ironstone railways
  • 1921: Mines closed
  • 1930: Railway closed and land returned to agricultural use
  • 1970: Developed as country type park with ironstone museum and children's play areas

Hunsbury Hill Fort (scheduled monument) was a major focus in the early settlement of the Upper Nene Valley (Iron Age and Roman periods).

The site was also a key area for the extraction of ironstone.

Last updated 29 June 2023