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Surface dressing

Surface dressing is the most cost-effective way to prolong the life of roads that show minor signs of deterioration. It improves the road surface, skid resistance and seals the surface to stop water getting in. This protects it from damage caused by severe winter weather conditions and traffic.

A thin film of bitumen is sprayed on to the road surface followed by one or two layers of chippings. The chippings are then rolled into the bitumen to form an interlocking, long lasting surface.

We close the road to carry out the work, but it's completed quickly and can be driven on straight away under reduced speed limits (to protect road workers and the public, as well as reduce the risk of damage from loose chippings).

Ongoing work

Loose chippings are swept away after 24 hours, again after four or five days, and once more if needed. We will reinstate road studs and markings on days and nights following the main works.

Last updated 16 October 2023