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West Northamptonshire Litter Charter and litter picking

We have developed a litter charter to ensure that West Northamptonshire has a coordinated approach to tackling litter across the whole council area.

Litter can be a sign that people do not respect their local environment and it can lead to other issues. Tackling litter is a wider issue than just clearing it up. Education programmes in schools and communities are required along with strategic plans for infrastructure, regular monitoring on litter bin usage and emptying schedules as well as regular cleaning.

The objectives of our charter are to:

  • Improve the local environment
  • Remove litter efficiently and quickly to provide a good visual image of the area
  • Work with community and partners to support them in their activities
  • Education the public into the detrimental effect of littering
  • Use the enforcement tools available to us, where appropriate
  • Litter Charter

In conjunction with the litter charter and recognising the hard work of many community litter picking organisation, we have also produced a guide to organising a community litter pick. This covers what support we can offer, and how groups can organise a safe and successful litter picking event.

To borrow equipment for your event, please contact one of the following, depending on your location:

To arrange collection of the sacks you have collected, please contact one of the following, depending on your location:

Last updated 12 October 2023