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Book a wedding day celebration package

Our wedding day celebration package includes the celebration with your family, friends and guests alongside the legal formalities. Your celebration ceremony can take place anywhere you choose. This allows for more variety on your special day, and you can incorporate a place that has a special meaning to you.

If you want something unique and different that will be remembered by everyone, this could be just what you need.

The benefits

You choose the content of your ceremony, and we look after the legal stuff. Together we deliver your day, your way.

What's included:

  • office registration with 2 witnesses of your choice, after which you will be legally married
  • after registration, a celebration ceremony at a location of your choice
  • health and safety inspection
  • notice of marriage
  • planning form for you to personalise your ceremony (readings, music) 

How it works

We can help you to navigate through the legal processes, leaving you free to concentrate on your celebratory ceremony.

The legal marriage takes place in the registrar's office with just you and 2 witnesses. You can then celebrate with your family, friends and guests. The celebration takes place where you want it and how you want it.

Explore our registration offices across West Northamptonshire.

Contact the Registration Service to enquire about a wedding day celebration package by emailing [email protected].


Please see our fees list for the package price.

Terms and conditions

Your legal marriage can either take place in our office on a different date before your celebration ceremony. This is subject to availability. Unrestricted parking (clear access and exit) must be provided for the Ceremony Officers attending the ceremony so they can leave quickly to attend their next ceremony.

If your celebration ceremony is to take place at an unlicensed venue, it must have had a successful health and safety inspection by the Registration Service before your legal office registration. The cost for this is included in the package price.

Public liability insurance for your chosen celebration ceremony venue needs to be secured by you before your legal office registration. (Proof of liability cover to be reviewed during the health and safety inspection)

Customers must have an alternative location with a roof in case of inclement weather conditions when planning to hold their celebration ceremony outside. We will agree on this during the health and safety inspection. Our Ceremony Officer has the final say on inclement weather conditions and using your alternative location indoors, which will not affect the package price.

All other terms and conditions of the Registration Service also apply.

Last updated 23 February 2024