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Coat of Arms

West Northamptonshire Council Coat of Arms

A Coat of Arms has been officially granted to West Northamptonshire Council.  This will promote the new authority area, which was created on 1 April 2021 as part of the biggest reorganisation of local government in the county for nearly 50 years.

In line with strict royal tradition and procedure, the Coat of Arms has been hand-drawn and granted to West Northamptonshire Council by the College of Arms, which acts for the Crown on all official heraldic matters.

In a highly traditional process that has taken nearly two years to complete, the Arms have been granted by the Kings of Arms. These are the three senior Officers of Arms, who act on behalf of the Crown and were subject to the approval of the Earl Marshal, who has overall responsibility for the College of Arms within the Royal Household. 

The design has been specially drawn to reflect and represent West Northamptonshire’s proud history and heritage. The new Coat of Arms include a number of elements from the Coats of Arms of the former Northampton Borough, Daventry and South Northants districts and county councils.

Key elements of the Coat of Arms include the following:


  • four traditional rose symbols of Northamptonshire representing Daventry, Brackley, Towcester and Northampton
  • the gold wheatsheaf for the rich agricultural heritage
  • a lion’s face in allusion to the lions in the respective arms of Northampton and South Northants and the common seal of Brackley
  • lines across the shield represent Watling Street (straight) and Grand Union Canal (wavy)


The crest features:

  • a white castle from the arms of Northampton
  • a ring of red roses symbolising county history 
  • gold wheatsheaves representing the area’s many rural settlements and agricultural heritage


Combines elements from the arms, crest and supporters in an alternative composition.


  • a Golden Lion, taken from the arms of Northampton, with an escallop shell on its foot in reference to the arms of the Spencer family who have owned Althorp for 500 years
  • a Black Bull, from the county council arms, signifying Edward IV’s historic marriage at Grafton. The Bull has an iron collar representing agriculture, leatherwork and shoemaking. There is a horseshoe at the Bulls foot in reference to the area’s history of metalworking, horse racing at Towcester and horsepower of the motorcars at Silverstone


  • Ambition - representing the Council’s ambition for West Northants to be a great place to live and work and provide families with a safe place to grow up in and thrive
  • Pride - encouraging residents to take pride in the area, it’s history and great prospects for the future
  • Unity – inspiring residents across West Northants to come together
  • Prosperity – promoting the West Northants as a thriving place with a rich history and ambitions 

Last updated 12 February 2024