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Make an Environmental Information Regulations (EIR) request

The regulations give you the right to access environmental information held by public authorities.

You can make a request for any recorded information held by us by using this online form.

Alternatively you can put your request in writing via email to [email protected] or by post.

Unlike FOI, you can also make the request by telephone or in person.

Please ensure to be as specific as possible when submitting a request and you should then expect to receive a response within 20 working days. Only in exceptional circumstances will a request be extended and then only because of complex exemption considerations or deliberations.

West Northamptonshire Council is a newly established organisation combining the previous district and borough councils of Daventry, Northampton and South Northamptonshire along with Northamptonshire County Council.

If your request relates to a prior district/borough council service please indicate which geographic area your request relates to in order to help us respond promptly with the relevant information. 

If you do not state either the geographic area or West Northamptonshire as a whole we reserve the right to clarify this before proceeding with your enquiry.

Environmental Information relates to:

  • the state of the elements of the environment and the interaction among these elements
  • factors affecting or likely to affect those elements
  • measures or activities affecting or likely to affect those factors or elements, or designed to protect those elements
  • reports on the implementation of environmental legislation
  • cost–benefit and other economic analyses and assumptions used within the framework of those measures and activities
  • the state of human health and safety, conditions of human life, cultural sites and built structures in as much as they are or may be affected by those elements

There are a number of exceptions which allow us to refuse to provide certain information. Examples include unfinished documents or internal communications, or in order to protect personal data, prevent causing harm.

Last updated 19 December 2023