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Clean and green

We will become the most environmentally friendly Council that residents have ever had, with a clear ambition to become net zero.

We will reduce carbon emissions and pollution to air, land and water. We want to generate more low carbon energy locally, be more energy efficient and smarter in our sustainable use of resources.

We want to create an outstanding natural environment, fit for future generations – places which our people can enjoy and where businesses want to invest. We’re investing in our cultural offering to attract visitors and benefit residents.

We’re also continuing to invest in sport and leisure to promote wellbeing and healthy, active lifestyles.

Working with partners in 5 years we will:

  • hold a ‘Climate Action Now Summit’ in 2021 exploring how we incentivise residents and businesses to be energy efficient or self-sufficient and to explore green energy production
  • only contract with partners that are socially responsible
  • increase charging points across West Northants
  • improve our recycling processes
  • increase the development of wildlife species and improve the appearance of our towns and villages
  • maintain our parks and green spaces to a high standard and make them an amenity for all
  • plant more trees, especially on Council land
  • energy efficient homes

What success will look like:

  • net zero by 2030
  • increased recycling
  • all council vehicles, where possible, are electric
  • Green flag accreditation parks and green spaces

Last updated 28 February 2024