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Connected communities

We will progress our upgrades to major roads and networks to create more hassle-free travel in and through our area, to improve commuting and accessibility, and to reduce traffic and air pollution in key areas.

We will improve the quality of our roads and the timeliness of pothole assessment and the associated repairs process.

We will progress an integrated transport plan – reviewing the use and coverage of our local bus network including the rural coverage. This review will be aligned to our home to school transport strategy, improving coverage and connectivity. West Northants will encourage green travel across bus and cycle lanes and develop a wider network of charging points that support the increased use of electric vehicles.

We will ensure that locally we benefit from HS2 and improved East - West Rail networks to ensure that Northampton commuters get the best facilities. We will leverage the additional capacity that these new lines bring, while ensuring we mitigate any negative impact on our communities during construction.

We’re progressing our digital strategy and digital infrastructure plan. This is to help achieve our ambition for all residents and businesses to have superfast broadband within 5 years and to enable us to develop innovative digital technologies to support first class services and thriving enterprises within our area.

Working with partners in 5 years we will:

  • improve road quality
  • progress the Farthinghoe By-pass and Northampton Northern Orbital Road
  • aim for 85% of houses to have gigabit connectivity by 2025
  • increase charging points and energy self sufficiency
  • improve rural connectivity
  • complete the North West Relief Road and Towcester Relief Road

What success will look like:

  • our roads repair programme will be a beacon of efficiency
  • new West Northants Bus and Rail Strategy will be completed within two years
  • increased gigabit connectivity across our communities

Last updated 27 December 2023