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Economic development

We want West Northants to become a place where everyone can thrive and the Council will help provide the framework and conditions to make this ambition a reality.

We will work with employers, colleges and agencies to give people the skills and qualifications that businesses really want, to get more people into better-paid jobs.

We will invest in strengthening existing, and creating new, employment locations so that all parts of west Northants are able to contribute to, and benefit from, growth as part of a thriving area.

We host world class industry and service providers in our area including high tech, engineering motorsports, logistics, financial services and have a valuable heritage as the home of shoes. We’re investing in growing our leading business sectors and driving improved productivity and pay across the economy.

We are making it easier to set up new enterprises and helping existing businesses to develop and grow.

We sit in the middle of the Oxford – Milton Keynes – Cambridge Arc and will use its development as an opportunity to actively drive growth, seek investment and progress infrastructure developments.

Town centres are critical to our economic recovery and success, so we will be working hard to improve them so that they become quality places to live and work.

Northampton Town will become a hub for visitors wanting to enjoy its heritage and cultural richness as the largest market town in the UK.

Working with partners in 5 years we will:

  • drive the economic development and recovery from the pandemic as a key priority
  • look at business support grants, flexible accommodation options and start up locations that utilise our empty sites and bring in business rates
  • we will take our seat at the heart of the Oxford to Cambridge Arc discussions and ensure we secure local benefit from its ambitions and plans
  • partner with local voluntary, community and social enterprise sector organisations to enable communities to support themselves and co-design the public services they need, increasing inclusiveness and community cohesion, and reducing loneliness and isolation

What success will look like:

  • West Northants is recognised as a great place to work
  • West Northants investors prospectus published
  • we implement the Northampton Forward master plan
  • we have secured levelling up funding for our area

Last updated 28 February 2024