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Thriving villages and towns

As the traditional high street setting is rapidly changing we will support small businesses by providing incentives where possible and support for growth and by encouraging the use of locally sourced products that support local jobs.

We will continue to make improvements to the town centres of Northampton, Towcester, Brackley and Daventry which are critical to our economic recovery and success; so that they become quality places to live and work. Using the recent funding awarded to progress our Northampton Forward masterplan, we will focus on attracting the private investment now needed to make our vision a reality. We will revitalise the town centre to make it a thriving market town and a great place to live, work and visit.

Over the next term we’re putting in place plans to build 500 new Council homes, turning empty houses into new homes, working with private and social landlords to improve standards and making our homes more energy efficient. Our planning consent applications will have the highest possible number of social and affordable houses on each site and require developers to deliver commitments for the supporting community infrastructure to support them.

We will work in partnership with communities, the police and voluntary agencies to ensure our communities are safe places to live with less antisocial behaviour – places where people are proud to live and support each other.

We will balance bustling towns with our beautiful villages and rural settings. Being home to some of the finest stately homes and a rich heritage, we will look to grow our visitor economy beyond the 1 million visitors we have today.

Working with partners in 5 years we will:

  • complete the west strategic infrastructure plan setting out our roadmap for development 
  • drive the economic development and recovery from the pandemic as a key priority and we will build back better
  • look at business support grants, flexible accommodation options and start up locations that utilise our empty sites and bring in business rates
  • we will take our seat at the heart of the Oxford to Cambridge Arc discussions and ensure we secure local benefit from its ambitions and plans
  • partner with local voluntary, community and social enterprise sector organisations to enable communities to support themselves and co-design the public services they need, to increase inclusiveness and community cohesion, and reduce loneliness and isolation

What success will look like:

  • Northampton Town will become a hub for visitors and shoppers wanting to enjoy its speciality shoe services and cultural richness
  • together our towns and rural charm will make West Northants a destination to go to, not just a place to drive through
  • we have built 500 new Council homes

Last updated 28 February 2024