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Local Nature Recovery Strategy

Local Nature Recovery Strategy


A healthy natural environment is key to our own wellbeing. It provides us with clean air, nutritious food, fresh water, carbon storage, flood control, attractive neighbourhoods, places for recreation, business opportunities, and much more, as well as the simple joy of being close to nature itself.

However, nature is in crisis in the UK. Nearly one in 6 of our wildlife (16.1%) is now threatened with extinction. 

We often hear about losses of the Amazon Rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef, yet we are losing familiar wildlife that we cherish close to our homes, including the hazel dormouse and skylark. 

The Government produces the State of Nature report, where you can read the latest version.

“We have never had a better understanding of the State of Nature and what is needed to fix it.”State of Nature 2023

Our vision

We are prepared to embrace the challenge of decline and work towards conserving and enhancing nature across West Northamptonshire. 

Our vision is to deliver our public services whilst using a ‘Together with Nature’ approach. The first step on this journey is the Local Nature Recovery Strategy.

Local Nature Recovery Strategy background

Local Nature Recovery Strategies (LNRS) are a tool designed to guide action for nature recovery. They were introduced by the Environment Act 2021 to help achieve the targets set out in the Environmental Improvement Plan (EIP).

The LNRS will map existing areas for nature and potential areas for nature recovery across West Northamptonshire. Working with various participants, the LNRS will identify local priorities and ways to achieve them (potential measures), including their wider environmental benefits, like air quality improvements and reducing flood risk etc.

How this will be achieved in West Northamptonshire

In June 2023, West Northamptonshire Council was appointed as the responsible authority for the production of a Local Nature Recovery Strategy in this area. 

A Nature Recovery Strategy Officer was appointed in January 2024 to lead the development of the LNRS.

The Officer is working with the established Northamptonshire Local Nature Partnership and the newly formed LNRS Delivery Partnership Group, as well as local people, businesses, landowners, and organisations to deliver priorities for West Northamptonshire. Natural England is our supporting authority.

The primary purpose of our LNRS is to identify locations for the creation or improvement of habitats and highlight the sites most likely to provide the greatest benefit for nature and the wider environment.

A field with blooming flowers
Photo credit: Matt Johnson, Wildlife Trust BCN

Last updated 03 June 2024