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Article 4 Directions

Article 4 Directions

An Article 4 direction is used to control works that could threaten the character of an area of acknowledged importance, such as a Conservation Area. The direction:

  • removes certain permitted development rights
  • details the works and the properties affected
  • relates to works fronting a highway, waterway or open space

The types of works can include:

  • enlargement, improvement or other alteration (to include windows, doors)
  • installation of chimneys, flues, soil and vent pipes
  • installation of microwave antenna
  • construction of porch
  • erection of demolition of gate, fence, wall or other means of enclosure
  • painting of exterior
  • provision of hard surface

Any works listed in the direction will require a planning application to be submitted and approved by us.

Historic England’s website provides further information on:

Last updated 15 January 2024