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Filming location guidance

We are a filming-friendly council, experienced in dealing with enquiries and we encourage filming in the area. 

Before contacting us with your request, please review the information below about filming in Northamptonshire and how to apply for permission.

We also ask that you:  

  • comply with our filming code of practice
  • provide us with sufficient notice - we will aim to process your application as quickly as possible

 However, we do require:

  • 10 working days notice for general filming requests
  • 12 weeks notice if you are requesting a road closure or wish to suspend an existing Traffic Regulation Order

Council-owned and managed land

We provide permission to film on land and properties that we own or manage. These include such locations as adopted highways, which include roads and footpaths.  

Any filming located on land that is privately owned will require the landowner’s permission before it can be undertaken. All arrangements must be made with them.  

Filming in residential areas can be sensitive and this would need to be discussed further if proposed. Notice must also be given to us and the local community if there is a risk that filming might incorporate images of the public, particularly children. Please refer to the Police section below for further details.  

Apply to film in Northamptonshire

You can apply for permission to film in Northamptonshire online:


Additional information

We will need copies of your Public Liability Insurance. This must be a minimum of £5 million is required in respect of any one incident to cover liability against all third-party risks.

You can send a copy of your PLI to [email protected].

If you are considering using an unmanned aircraft commercially you must ensure (to avoid prosecution and to abide by safety rules) that you know and obey the law surrounding this. 

We do not provide approval for drone filming - please see Government Guidelines about commercial drone flying.  

For filming that could draw a crowd, large projects or for special requests, please let Northamptonshire Police know where and what you intend to film. 

If you are intending to use fake firearms or other props or scenes that could cause concern or a disturbance, please also notify the police. 

See the below table for a breakdown of filming fees.

Production typeFee typeCost
Commercial production

Admin fee

Filming fee (full day)

Filming fee (half day)

£175 + VAT

£600 + VAT

£325 + VAT

Non-commercial production

Admin fee

Filming fee (full day)

Filming fee (half day)

£87.50 + VAT

£300 + VAT

£175 + VAT

Additional requests

  • at cost of provision plus 10% admin fee
  • officer involvement: £60 per hour plus VAT
  • late application: 25% surcharge

Other information on fees

Some filming activity deemed to have significant cultural and community benefit may be eligible for a discretionary discount of up to 25% of the filming fee. 

Film-makers which are part of school/college projects can apply for a 100% discount on the filming fee.

If the proposed activities are sufficiently complex, extensive or sensitive to necessitate the presence of a Council representative, an admin fee will be required.

Road-related film requests

If you wish to film on a public highway, request a road closure, suspend an existing TRO or ask for parking dispensation, email [email protected] to request a copy of a form.


Our officers will agree safe places to film and for film vehicles to park (for example to park in unusual places and for access requirements).  

Parks and open spaces

We have fantastic parks and open spaces that provide excellent filming opportunities, and we regularly help with such requests.

Last updated 10 April 2024