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Screen Northants

Screen Northants is a film and TV production company based in Northampton.

Since its inception in 2015, it has produced 3 feature films, 3 TV dramas and multiple short films. 

A still from The Show

They have also facilitated on many other productions which have shot in Northamptonshire, most notably on Alan Moore's “The Show” for EMU Films.

Over the years Screen Northants has developed a network of crew, cast, locations and facilities in Northamptonshire and the surrounding counties. 

It has also built relationships with relevant authorities, such as local councils, police and fire service, necessary to ensure an easy filmmaking experience.


“Northampton and surrounding area is, in my opinion, one of the best filming locations in the UK. There’s a tremendous range of options available and the ease of getting about makes the practicalities of shooting so much easier.

Added to this you have Screen Northants who make the production process even better still. Screen Northants have an invaluable knowledge of the area, a phenomenal resource base and always can find a solution to any problem that presents itself."
Jim Mooney, Founding Partner, EMU Films
“Northamptonshire is an untapped resource for the film and TV industry.

I have had the pleasure of working there with Screen Northants and was really impressed by the work they have done in preparation for productions of all scales and budget to shoot there.”
Steven Price Brown, Location Manager

Last updated 10 April 2024