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Sources of evidence

Policies in neighbourhood development plans (NDPs) should be based on evidence. This should be proportionate, meaning that it should be area specific and sufficient to understand the issue and inform policy. There is a wide range of existing evidence available which is listed below. Some has been produced on a West Northamptonshire-wide basis, other evidence was produced to support the Part 2 Local Plans for the former local authority areas (Daventry, South Northamptonshire and Northampton). A list of settlements by area is available.

Groups may also wish to undertake their own studies to support policies for designations like important views and open spaces, local landscape designation, Local Green Space, non-designated heritage assets and settlement confines. These studies can be supplemented with local opinion through questionnaires and feedback, all of which should be documented in the consultation statement.

Some groups may decide to allocate sites, this is a bit more complex and should be informed by our site selection methodology. Additional grant funding and technical support may be available from Locality.


West Northamptonshire

Daventry Area

Northampton Area

South Northamptonshire Area

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Last updated 18 December 2023