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Financial assessments

Long-term stay in a care home financial assessment

As part of the assessment process for arranging care and support, if you are moving into residential care on a long-term basis, we’ll offer you a living in a care home financial assessment.

You are classed as living in a care home if you live in a:

  • residential care home
  • nursing care home

Complete your online financial assessment

Personal expenses allowance

We'll also consider your personal expenses allowance.

As a person who lives in a care home has all their day-to-day expenses covered within their residential or nursing home fee, the minimum income guarantee used in the financial assessment calculations for someone living at home does not apply.

Instead, the government has set a personal expenses allowance of £28.25 per week for 2023-24.

This will mean you always have at least £28.25 per week of income after paying for or contributing to the cost of your care home.

Share your financial documents with us or contact the Financial Assessment Team

You can share your financial documents either via:

After your assessment

We will send you an assessment letter that:

  • confirms the details of your financial assessment
  • tells you how much you are required to pay towards your care
  • provides details of how to pay us

Check the details

It is important that you check the details of your assessment letter. If anything is missing or incorrect, it may make a difference to the amount you must pay towards your care.

Any difference will be backdated to the start of your care and you may need to repay us.

Last updated 13 November 2023