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Financial assessments

About financial assessments

A financial assessment is a way for us to understand your financial situation.

We use them to calculate:

  • whether you qualify to receive any money from us towards your care costs
  • how much, if any, you can afford to contribute yourself
  • whether you are entitled to any additional benefits from the state

There are some circumstances or service that don’t require for you to have a financial assessment, including if you are a self-funder.

How it works

There’s a process that we must follow before we can carry out a financial assessment.

First you'll have a needs assessment so we can identify:

  • your care needs (often referred to as 'eligible needs')
  • what kind of care and support you need

Types of assessment

The type of financial assessment you’ll have, and the information you’ll need to supply to us, depends on whether you’ll be receiving care at home or in a residential home.

The 2 types of assessments are:

  • living at home/short stay in a care home
  • long-term stay in a care home

Last updated 13 November 2023