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Highway local searches

The main purpose of a local search is to protect property buyers from any eventualities that could affect their use and enjoyment of the property or which may affect its value (for purchaser and potential lender).

Local authority search

If you are planning to buy a house or plot of land, or lease a property, you will need to know whether the local authority will charge you for any outstanding or on-going services.

The search will provide you with important information so that you are aware of any charges or responsibilities you will be taking on when you exchange contracts.

The local search also provides other important information such as proposed roads within the vicinity or changes to the existing road network.

For more information see Local land charges.

Personal search

A personal search is an alternative method of producing standard searches as opposed to requesting an official search directly from the local authority.

A personal searcher (can be an individual or a representative of a personal search company) will manually inspect the records provided by local authorities to provide the necessary information for the purposes of the requisition.

Northamptonshire Highways deal with:

  • CON29 required enquiries of the local authority (2016 edition)
  • CON29 (O) optional enquiries of the local authority (2016 edition)

Request a search

Contact us by emailing [email protected] to request a Highway information request form.

Last updated 03 April 2023