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Temporary Traffic Regulation Orders

A Temporary Traffic Regulation Order (TTRO) is a request to temporarily divert a public right of way, usually in the interest of public safety.

  • TTROs stay in force for a maximum of 6 months
  • if works are completed before this period, the right of way should be reopened
  • if works are not completed within 6 months an extension to the TTRO can be applied for. However, approval will need to be gained from the Secretary of State

Temporary Traffic Regulation Order Register

The following temporary TTROs are currently or are shortly due to be in force on rights of way in the county. The maps show individual rights of way routes.

Applying for a Temporary Traffic Regulation Order

We require 6 weeks' notice to process requests. Please use the forms provided below. For any assistance, please email [email protected]. The fee for processing TROs can be found in our standard charges list.

Please note the below application is for the temporary closure of public rights of way only (footpath, bridleway, restricted byway or byway open to all traffic). If you wish to apply to temporarily close a road or footway please see roadworks permit scheme.

Last updated 16 February 2024