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Trading Standards fees and charges

Licensing Fees for 1 April 2024 to 31 March 2025

Please note that all fees are exempt from VAT, unless otherwise stated.

Below are the fees chargeable for the storage of explosives under The Explosives Regulations 2014.  Please note, these fees are set by The Health and Safety and Nuclear (Fees) (Amendment) and Gas Safety (Miscellaneous Amendment) Regulations 2024.


Licence to store explosives where, by virtue of regulation 27, and Schedule 5, to the 2014 Regulations, a minimum separation distance of greater than 0 metres is prescribed:

1 year£202
2 years£266
3 years£333
4 years£409
5 years£463

Renewal of licence to store explosives where a minimum separation distance of greater than 0 metres is prescribed:

1 year£94
2 years£161
3 years£226
4 years£291
5 years£357

Licence to store explosives where by virtue of regulation 27 of, and schedule 5 to the 2014 Regulations no minimum separation distance or a 0 metres separation distance is prescribed as per legislation:

1 year£119
2 years£154
3 years£190
4 years£226
5 years£260

Renewal of licence to store explosives where no minimum separation distance or a 0 metres minimum separation distance is prescribed:

1 year£59
2 years£94
3 years£132
4 years£166
5 years£202

Explosives licence variation:

Variation typeFee
Varying the name of licensee or address of site£40
Transfer of licence or replacement of licence if lost£40
Any other kind of variationReasonable cost to the licensing authority of having the work carried out

Fireworks licence (all year)

Please note, these fees are set by the Fireworks Regulations 2004.

Licence typeFee
Fireworks Regulations 2004, Regulation 9£500
Annual licence to sell fireworks outside the permitted periods as stated. 

The fee payable for less than one year's duration shall be, respectively, the fee set out above for a licence of one year's duration decreased proportionately according to the duration of the period for which the licence is granted.

These fees are set by Health and Safety and Nuclear (Fees) (Amendment) and Gas Safety (Miscellaneous Amendment) Regulations 2024.

Licence under the Petroleum (Consolidation) Regulations 2014Fee
(a) Certificate to keep petroleum spirit of a quantity not exceeding 2,500 litres (one year duration)£48
(b) Certificate to keep petroleum spirit of a quantity exceeding 2,500 litres but not exceeding 50,000 (one year duration)£65
(c) Certificate to keep petroleum spirit of a quantity exceeding 50,000 litres (one year duration)£137

Certificates may be obtained to cover from 1 to 10 years. The fee is the standard fee multiplied by the number of years.  For new applications, please email [email protected]

Business advice typeFeeVAT
Business advice provided under a Primary Authority Partnership – hourly rate£89.50(VAT not applicable)
Business advice outside of Primary Authority – hourly rate£89.50(+ VAT)

Please note that some small businesses are entitled to free business advice or business advice at a reduced rate.

Environmental search outcomeFee
Fees charged in respect of environmental searches carried out (positive outcome)£113.62
Fees charged in respect of environmental searches carried out (negative outcome)£58.94

A) Special Weighing and Measuring Equipment

Where equipment is not covered by categories B to F below, charges shall be based on Officer time at an hourly rate of £80.94 (plus support officer hourly rate of £49.71 where relevant) minimum charge for 15 minutes.

Such equipment includes:

  1. Equipment tested by statistical sampling
  2. Intoxicating Liquor Measuring Instruments
  3. AQ Templets
  4. Ballast measures
  5. Dry and Liquid Capacity measures
  6. Linear measures
  7. Bulk Fuel systems (above 100 litres)

Where multiple submission discounts are not covered in categories B to D below, a 10% discount will be given where 2 or more items of the same category are submitted for verification on the same occasion.

B) Weights

Trade weight verification up to 25kg£13.49 each +VAT

C) Non-Automatic Weighing scales

Not exceeding 100kg - NAWI Reverification£88.04 +VAT
Not exceeding 1 tonne - NAWI Reverification£141.15 +VAT
Exceeding 1 tonne to 10 tonne - NAWI Reverification£204.49 +VAT
Exceeding 10 tonne - NAWI Reverification£356.47 +VAT
Additional charge for testing weighing scales which incorporate, price-computing, printing, multi-range, or remote display facilities.£7.11 +VAT


  • £20.79 per weighing scale bought into our Wootton Hall Park office for verification
  • £20.79 per weighing scale for second & subsequent weighing scales tested on site on the same occasion
  • £59.59 per weighing scale over 1 tonne capacity when submitter provides assistance in testing

D) Automatic Weighing machines

Automatic Catchweigher Not exceeding 10kg Reverification£80.94 +VAT
Automatic Catchweigher Not exceeding 100kg Reverification£161.91 +VAT
Automatic Catchweigher Exceeding 100kg ReverificationSection A +VAT
Automatic Gravimetric Filling Instrument Not exceeding 60kg Reverification£269.82 +VAT
Automatic Gravimetric Filling Instrument Exceeding 60kg ReverificationSection A +VAT

E) Measuring Instruments for Liquid Fuel and Lubricants

First nozzle tested, per site Reverification£159.04 +VAT
Each additional nozzle tested at the site Reverification£76.69 +VAT

Testing of ancillary electronic equipment (eg credit card accepters) or other additional testing on site (per site)


Section A +VAT

F) Statements of test

Statements of Test (OP 11.2) at rate A. Charges based on officer time minimum charge 15 minutesSection A +VAT

For work carried out by the Service Metrology Laboratory see H below

G) Weight Hire

Single day per tonne or part tonne£62.47 +VAT
Second and subsequent days£31.25 +VAT
Other equipmentRate negotiated with the approval of the Metrology Manager

H) Metrology Laboratory Pricing Schedule

Calibration of Weights and Poises up to 25kg:

Up to 25kg - 1st 3 Weights£36.93 +VAT
Up to 25kg - 4 - 10 Weights£53.98 +VAT
Up to 25kg - 2nd and subsequent 10 weights£41.18 +VAT
Up to 25kg – Certificate£26.98 +VAT

Calibration of Weights and Poises above to 25kg:

1st 3 Weights£53.98 +VAT
2nd and subsequent 3 weights£41.18 +VAT
Certificate£26.98 +VAT


Adjustment/Cleaning where necessary per weight£8.52 +VAT
Accuracy test for Motor cycle brake testers and other non-automatic weighing scales ≤200kg£26.98 +VAT
Certificate£26.98 +VAT
Where the above charges are inappropriate, charges shall be levied at Rate A with a charge of £26.98 for a Certificate.Section A +VAT
at Rate A with a charge of £26.98for a Certificate.


Fees for Categories A to F are not subject to VAT in the unlikely event they are verified under the Measuring Instruments (EEC Requirements) Regulations 1988.

Additional fees are charged at the rate of 50% for tests outside normal working hours (weekdays 08.00hrs - 18.00hrs), and 100% for tests carried out on weekends and Bank Holidays. HM Revenue and Customs approved mileage rate and travelling time at the rate at Section A is charged for tests out of county.

Last updated 11 April 2024