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End of life care


About end of life care

If you are in the last months or years of your life, you can expect to receive high-quality care that is tailored to your medical, spiritual or emotional needs. It should help you to live as well as possible in the time you have left.

The people providing your care should ask you about your wishes and preferences, and take these into account as they work with you to plan your care. They should also support your family, carers or other people who are important to you.

You can find out more about end of life care on the NHS website.

Palliative care

End of life care includes palliative care. The aim of palliative care is to help you to have a good quality of life - this includes being as well and active as possible in the time you have left. 

It can involve:

  • managing physical symptoms, such as pain
  • emotional, spiritual and psychological support
  • social care, including help with things like washing, dressing or eating
  • support for your family and friends

Learn more about palliative care on the Marie Curie website.

Last updated 13 November 2023