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Northampton Town Centre Task Group

The Northampton Town Centre Task Group (TCTG) is a multiagency partnership working to make Northampton town centre a safe and vibrant place to be, and to deliver projects through the Home Office Safer Streets funding, and to deliver activity in relation to recommendations made by Night Time Economy Solutions, adopted by the group into a set of action plans.

The Northampton TCTG Partners are

  • West Northants Council
  • Northants Police
  • Northants Fire & Rescue Service
  • Police Fire and Crime Commissioners Office
  • Northampton Business Improvement District
  • Grosvenor Centre
  • University of Northampton
  • Northampton Retail Crime Initiative
  • Northampton Street Pastors
  • Northampton Guardians
  • Northampton Town Council

Achievements in 2023

Priority 1 - Improve the overall appearance of the town centre for residents, businesses and visitors

  • Partnership feedback session on Wayfinding project across the town
  • Fencing and clearing of East Island including moving on rough sleeping, dealing with and removing the rat infestation

Priority 2 - Safety and welfare, in particular the evening/night-time economy

  • Taxi rank lighting improvements delivered
  • New CCTV cameras installed at Newlands car park and St Giles Churchyard to address gaps
  • Upgrade to one camera to improve surveillance of a busy NTE area
  • Francis Jetty closed under a PSPO

Priority 3 - Safer transport in the evening and night-time economy

  • Roll out of training package to new taxi drivers
  • Taxi marshal scheme implemented from Christmas week with commitment until September 2025

Priority 4 - Engagement and promoting the offer

  • Bollard covers promoting safety messages from ‘It Only Takes One’ campaign, Safer nights Out Van, and Flare app installed across the town centre and nearby Racecourse and Becket’s Parks

What’s Happening in Northampton Town Centre?

The It Only Takes One Campaign developed in partnership with the OPFCC and local Sexual Violence organisations aims to promote safety advice on a night out, raising awareness of the impact of harassment and inappropriate behaviour, and provide bystanders with knowledge and confidence to challenge unacceptable behaviour.

Last updated 12 June 2024