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Northamptonshire Traveller Unit (NTU)

Services for Gypsies and Travellers


You can find health support at the following places:



For school applications or any other related schooling requests visit our school admissions page.

If you are educating your child from home please see the information on home schooling.

For information about adult learning courses for both North Northamptonshire and West Northamptonshire visit our adult learning page


Friends, Families and Travellers

Fire safety


  • Fit a working smoke alarm and test it monthly
  • Turn off electrical goods before you go to bed
  • Always keep candles in secure holders
  • Make sure the caravan is ventilated
  • Always fit a carbon monoxide alarm
  • Keep a fire extinguisher by the entrance of caravan and read the instructions before using it
  • Get out if there is a fire, stay out and ring 999


  • Leave pans unattended - take care when cooking
  • Smoke in bed - you should also make sure ashtrays are made from a material that can’t burn
  • Leave candles unattended
  • Keep candles near children and pets
  • Block air vents, to avoid a build-up of poisonous gases
  • Leave litter and rubbish near caravans as it could cause a fire to spread
  • Dry clothes over or near a stove or heater

  • Always store and use gas bottles in an upright position
  • Store gas bottles in a well-ventilated place
  • Ensure gas bottles are stored away from sources of heat and ignition
  • Make sure gas bottles are stored outside
  • Keep gas bottles away from caravan entry/exit points and drains

Last updated 20 February 2024