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Historic Environment Record (HER)

Our HER is the main source of information on archaeological sites, historic buildings and landscapes in Northamptonshire. It is used to help formulate conservation and planning advice for the county, but can also provide fascinating information about your town or village.

If you'd like to know whether you live near an ancient settlement or what that strange shape in a local field might be, the HER would be the place to come.

For planners, the HER offers a professional service that feeds into reports and legal applications. We understand what you need and work to deliver the information you need efficiently.

We now have over 80,000 monuments on our database, and new information is being added all the time.

Accessing the database

You can search the database for free if visiting in person.

Our HER records are available online via the Heritage Gateway (please note that data from the Heritage Gateway cannot be used for commercial purposes).

Alternatively, we can conduct your search for you for a small fee. To arrange, please email [email protected].

HER commercial enquiry

Please complete an enquiry form if you wish to submit a commercial request for Historic Environment Record data.

Archaeological Archives

The Northamptonshire Archaeological Resource Centre (NARC) functions as the primary publicly accessible repository for archives deriving from all archaeological fieldwork taking place within Northamptonshire.

The NARC holds over 15,000 boxes of artefacts within its stores and it is expected more archives will be deposited every month from recent and future fieldwork.

The NARC will enable:

  • public access to researchers to study the artefacts and documentary archives relating to fieldwork undertaken in Northamptonshire
  • the ability for museums and other heritage organisations to loan material for temporary and long-term exhibitions
  • Northamptonshire’s rich archaeological heritage to receive suitable curatorial care

Find details of documentation standards, charges and how to contact the ARC on the Chester House Estate website.

Last updated 05 May 2023