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Appeal a decision

When to make an appeal

Some services that we provide, such as making decisions to see if you are entitled to Housing Benefit, authorising a planning application, or allocating a school place, have their own appeal processes. These processes of appeal normally apply where there are government regulations that inform how we must make decisions.

You should make an appeal when a decision is made that you do not think was assessed fairly. An appeal should not be made if you don't like the decision made or to ‘try again’ with the same circumstances.


I’d like to appeal a:

Comments and information


Request a review of a Housing Register decision.

If you have made an application for social housing and you have received a ‘decision outcome’ you will be informed about why that decision was reached and your right to request a review if you disagree.

A review must be registered within 21 days of the date of your decision outcome.

A review may be made in writing or by e-mail and should include any evidence that you would like to be considered.

The following decisions may be subject to a review by the Applicant:

  • the right to apply due to immigration controls or applying from overseas
  • being told that they do not meet the criteria of who can apply under the scheme
  • a disagreement with the priority the application has been given
  • a failure to consider the personal circumstance of the applicant, particularly in relation to health and welfare
  • the’ type’ of housing the applicant is being considered for
  • the size of the applicant’s household (how many people are being housed)
  • whether the decision received is the final offer or not

A review will consider of all the relevant facts and the legal requirements at the date the review is carried out. The Council should complete the review within 8 weeks (56 days). If it is necessary to extend this timeframe, then we will agree this with the applicant.

Reviews will be carried out by the Allocations Manager, or an officer who is senior to those who made the original decision and will not have previously been involved.

If you would like further information about our New Housing Allocations Scheme and the eligibility to apply for Social Housing, please use view our housing register page.

What happens after I make an appeal

Your appeal will be managed by the service who has made the decision. They should keep you informed about how long the review will take and when you may expect a response. They should also inform you of the right to escalate your appeal where appropriate. 

If you remain unhappy with the way that the appeal process has been managed, then you are able to raise a complaint about the appeal. We will not be able to revisit a decision that has been made.

Last updated 11 June 2024