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The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) process

Stage 9: Notification to land charges (council)

Once we have received the CIL payment, providing there are no relief and clawback periods, we will remove the CIL charge from the Land Charges Register.

However, if relief has been granted, the CIL charge will remain on the Land Charges Register for either three or seven years, depending on which exemption or relief has been granted. This is in case a disqualifying event occurs, as you will then have more CIL to pay.

If no disqualifying event occurs, the CIL charge will be removed when the time period lapses.

In the event that a permission or development is not implemented, and the proposal is not built out, the CIL charge will be removed from the Land Charges Register upon expiry of the planning permission.

Last updated 07 July 2023