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The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) process

The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) process

CIL involves a number of stages, all of which are legal processes that must be complied with. If not complied with (eg you fail to submit forms at required times), this could result in penalties such as surcharges (up to £2,500) and the loss of any rights to claim instalments or reliefs/exemptions.

Acknowledgement letters will be issued for all CIL forms received. It is in the liable person’s interest to make sure all relevant acknowledgements are received before starting any work. For a quick reply, please supply an email address.

Summary of the CIL process

The process outlined below will apply in the majority of cases, however, there may be circumstances where the process differs, such as liability for Permitted Development.


If planning permission is required for the development, you must provide the Additional Information Form to allow us to calculate the CIL.

If your development is permitted development (does not require planning permission), you must submit a Notice of Chargeable Development (CIL form 5). If this is not submitted, we will prepare the notice and serve it on the owner.


During the life time of the application you must submit an Assumption of Liability (CIL form 2).

If liability changes before final payment becomes due, a Withdrawal or Transfer of Assumed Liability (CIL form 3 or 4) must be submitted.

If applicable, you can also apply to claim relief:

A CIL liability notice will be issued to the parties that have assumed liability and the landowner(s). If circumstances change, we will issue a revised liability notice.


When development commences, you must submit a Commencement Notice (CIL form 6) to inform us. If no one has assumed liability by the time development commences, liability passes to the landowner.

If you do not submit a commencement notice or give the wrong commencement date, we will determine the deemed commencement date. Full payment then becomes due immediately.

A CIL Demand Notice will be issued with due dates and payment procedure (and instalment policy if applicable). If circumstances change we will issue revised demand notice.

If the CIL is paid in line with the payment procedure, a receipt will be issued.

If the instalment terms are broken, full payment becomes due immediately and enforcement action may be taken.

Last updated 07 July 2023