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A student in West Northamptonshire

As a new student in West Northamptonshire, you are surrounded by ways to make the most of your education. For quiet study areas and resources ranging from study material to employment support, you can visit one of our many Local Libraries. If you are interested in developing new life skills after moving away from home, why not check out the adult courses on offer at Northampton College

In West Northamptonshire you can thrive socially, academically and financially. With a respected University, a busy nightlife and businesses, we hope you can feel at home here.  

Find information and tips on finances, travel and more here.   

Council Tax student discount (Student Disregards)

If you are a student in the UK you might qualify for a discount on your council tax. This is if you are enrolled in a full-time or part-time course and can provide a certificate from your place of study, or if you are a Foreign Language Assistant registered with the British Council.

The certificate required is the Certificate of Student Status. You should ask your University Admin to receive a copy and for the University of Northampton you can contact [email protected].

Full time students, student nurses, non-British spouses of full-time students and apprentices can be disregarded when the amount of council tax a household will pay is decided.

For information specific to University of Northampton, visit the UoN website.

Food larders 

We know that your maintenance loan can often run out quicker than expected. If you find yourself struggling come the end of the term, for a small membership fee, you can collect food from a Community Larder far below market price while helping to avoid unnecessary waste from supermarkets. Hope Community Larders are the main providers in West Northamptonshire. 

To find more advice on food and essentials, take a look at our cost of living support pages.

GP surgeries

Make sure you are registered at a GP surgery near you. If you aren’t registered somewhere you will have a much longer wait to be seen and the GP may not have your medical information that ensures you receive the most effective care.

Safer Nights Out Northampton 

The tips on our Safer Nights Out page will help you stay safe and enjoy your time in the town.

If there is an emergency, call 999 immediately.

For non-emergencies or if you would like to report a crime which has already happened, please dial 101 to talk to Northamptonshire Police.

Bins and local services 

You can keep on top of bin collections throughout the year by downloading the West Northamptonshire Council app through Google Play or the Apple app store. Find more information on bin collections, contents of bins, bulky waste collection and more through our bin collection services page.

Find information on air pollution, noise complaints, neighbourhood wardens and more on our environmental health pages.

Bus routes 

Find bus timetables and a journey planner for bus services in West Northamptonshire together with details of service changes.

Northampton has multiple and regular bus services around town. The best way to find the most accurate bus schedule is to check the various bus service websites listed below, as timetables can change during holidays and especially busy periods.

You can plan your bus journey and find timetables on the Traveline website or app for all bus providers.

Last updated 26 April 2024