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Looking after a vulnerable person

Whether you are a hired carer or caring for someone close to you, West Northamptonshire offers a range of practical and emotional support. 

With specialised healthcare facilities based in and around the area, such as Northamptonshire Healthcare an NHS Foundation Trust that provides outstanding mental health treatments, and a council that strives to assist, this is an ideal community to care for a vulnerable person and yourself.

Council Tax carer discount

To qualify for a discount on your Council Tax the carer must:

  • be a resident in the same dwelling (home) as the person receiving care
  • provide care for an average of 35 hours per week

The carer must also be providing care for a person who is entitled to one of the following benefits:

As a carer, you do not qualify for a discount if the person that you are caring for is your spouse, partner or your child under 18.

Blue Badge

If the person you are caring for has just moved into West Northamptonshire from another council area and they have a Blue Badge, they will need to arrange for their previous council to contact us to change the badge over. 

They do not need to apply for anything new or get rid of their current badge.

Referrals in Northamptonshire for people in your care 

Community transport is specifically designed to help those who are unable to use public transport. This may be because of age, disability, or lack of public transport service.

You can find information on the community mini-bus scheme, Dial-a-Ride and voluntary car schemes on our community transport page.

Adult social care

General healthcare is readily available in West Northants, yet we also believe that everyone deserves to live their own best lives staying fit, well and independent. See our Keeping Healthy pages to discover information on getting out and about, preventing falls, and our supporting independence programme.

Adult social services in West Northamptonshire offer services that can assist a person in your care in finding independence at home:

Caring for a child or young person

West Northamptonshire's Local Offer has directories, advice and support for parents and carers of children with special educational needs and disabilities. 

You can find assistance with education, activities, social care and finances.

Support for carers in West Northamptonshire


Last updated 02 April 2024