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New, replacement or additional bins

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In West Northamptonshire residents have various types of equipment to collect their waste depending on the type of property.

Current bins for each item are:

  • recycling - black or blue bin with a blue lid or boxes
  • general rubbish - black bin or coloured sacks
  • food waste bins - small indoor caddy and large outdoor caddy (silver or brown)
  • garden waste - black or green bin with a brown lid, or brown bin: there is also a bag service available a yearly opt-in subscription for £55 per bin

New properties receive a new full set of containers upon occupation. Residents who live in flats will have alternative arrangements depending on their property.

Ordering new or replacement bins/boxes

If you have already ordered a new or replacement bin/box, please do not order again. Please contact us to confirm the status of the order.

You cannot order more general waste sacks. A set number are provided each year that allows for 2 bags each week.

You can only order a replacement Garden Waste bin using these forms. When you subscribe to the service, a bin will be delivered if the property does not have one.

Each household only receives one General Waste black bin, you can request replacements for damaged or missing bins using this service. If it is a replacement bin, the damaged bin must be left out for collection. A new bin will not be left if the damaged one is not presented.

Additional bins and capacity

You may be eligible for extra capacity if you are struggling to cope with the size of your general waste bin, for reasons such as:

  • there are 6 or more residents living at the property
  • you have 2 or more children in nappies
  • someone has a medical condition that produces a lot of non-recyclable waste

If this situation applies to your household, please contact us. We may have to visit you to see if you qualify.

If you qualify for a large bin we may take your smaller bin away when we deliver the large one. If your smaller bin is not available to exchange we will not leave a larger bin.

You can order additional recycling bins.

Additional bins that are not provided or approved by West Northants Council will not be collected and may be removed.

Bin removal and stray bins

If you live in the former South Northamptonshire area you can request a bin removal if you no longer need it, or report a stray bin that doesn't appear to belong to anyone.

Why information is on a different website
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Last updated 09 March 2023