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Personal alcohol licence

Anyone responsible for authorising the sale of alcohol needs a personal licence. A personal licence issued in England or Wales can be used anywhere in both countries. It has no expiry date but does have some conditions.


To apply for a personal licence you must:

  • Be 18 or over
  • Complete a Personal Licence Qualification (all Accredited Qualification Providers) - we offer the personal licence course and e-exam, for more information please visit our training page
  • Have not forfeited a personal licence in the previous five years
  • Have not been convicted of any relevant offence (although a licence may be granted if the police don't objection

Before starting this form please

  • read the guidance notes
  • download the certification of true likeness form. You will need to get your photos endorsed by a solicitor or notary, a person of standing in the community or any with a professional qualification
  • complete a Basic Disclosure, cost £25.00 (approximately) and select the online version when prompted. If you would rather wait for a postal certificate to come through please do not submit this form until your certificate has arrived. Once your certificate has arrived you must submit your application within 28 days

You must apply to the local council in the area in which you live. You can only hold one personal licence at a time.

The cost of the licence is £37.

You will be prompted to create an account before you complete this form. This is to enable to you to be able to save progress through the form and complete it at a later date if you wish.

You will need to notify us if you change your details or require a replacement licence.

Last updated 16 August 2023