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Short-term support

Short-term care at home (Reablement)

This is referred to as ‘reablement’. We generally offer this as a short-term service.

What the service can do for you

Reablement is a short-term assessment and support service. It usually lasts for up to 6 weeks and takes place in your own home.

The reablement team includes occupational therapists and support officers.

The team will support you to become more independent in daily activities such as:

  • personal care (washing, showering/bathing)
  • getting dressed and undressed
  • getting into and out of bed or a chair
  • toileting and promoting continence
  • taking your medication
  • meal preparation
  • moving safely around your home
  • social activities, such as luncheon clubs

People who can use the service

You can use the reablement service if you are over 18 and:

  • require a support package (such as domiciliary care package)
  • need an increase in your existing support package to help with your daily living activities
  • you have experienced a crisis, such as illness, deterioration in health or sustained an injury

How you get the service    

You must be referred to the reablement service by a health or social care professional, such as a:

  • member of the Intermediate Care Team
  • hospital staff member
  • social worker

This can happen when you leave hospital or are living in your own home.

What happens once you have been referred

When you have been offered the service, a reablement support officer will:

  • visit you in your home
  • carry out an assessment of your needs (for example, looking at your daily living activities to find out what you can and can't do for yourself)
  • agree a reablement plan with you

The reablement support officers will work with you to:

  • help and encourage you to practice these daily living activities
  • help you to regain skills and confidence that you may have lost

This can help you live more independently.

As you improve, the length and frequency of the visits will be reviewed and reduced by the reablement support officers.

After the service finishes

Many people can live independently in their own homes after the service has finished without needing social care support.

If you require more complex care and support, you may need more support or you need to stay in a care home.

You will be referred for a needs assessment to decide what care and support you need and how it should be provided.

Find out more about the reablement service's current Care Quality Commission (CQC) rating.

Last updated 22 November 2023