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Aids, adaptations and equipment

Equipment for your home

Equipment can be everyday gadgets and specially designed equipment that can help you complete tasks more easily.

Often, they are things you can purchase yourself at little cost, but sometimes they are more specialised and need to be acquired from a specialist supplier.

Types of equipment

There are lots of items you can get to make tasks easier, including:

  • walking aids - like walking sticks, walking frames, or folding walkers with wheels
  • kitchen aids - such as non-slip jar and bottle openers or plate clip-ons to prevent you spilling your dinner
  • dressing aids - like a long-handled shoehorn or leg lifter
  • sitting aids - such as devices that will lift you out of your seat or boost the height of your toilet

Deciding what you will need

If you are unsure what you will need, you can find out more about creating a safe home.

It includes:

  • suggestions on the things you can do to make your house safe
  • living aids or equipment to make tasks easier
  • minor adaptations you could make, such as an extra grab rail on your stairs to help you move around your home

We recommend you make a list of things you think may help you.

How to get equipment

There are a range of options available for you to get equipment to make it easy for you to carry out everyday activities, including our:

Last updated 13 November 2023